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Raúl Rubio

Raúl Rubio is Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies and Chair of Foreign Languages at The New School. Trained as a Hispanist and cultural studies scholar, he is widely known for his research on Cuban visual and material cultures. He has published a wide-range of studies on comparative literature, film, graphic and decorative arts. Rubio’s research is grounded in the emerging interdisciplinary field of material culture, which examines a wide-range of artifacts, from cultural commodities to the museum archive. Raul's most recent work appeared in the books Reading Cuba (Aduana Vieja, 2018) and Racial and Ethnic Identities in the Media (Palgrave, 2016). He teaches creative writing in Spanish and courses on Latin American film and media. Rubio earned a doctorate in Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies from Tulane University in New Orleans. He is a graduate of Middlebury College of Vermont, where he completed a master’s degree in Spanish at Middlebury’s School in Madrid.

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